Donor Profiles

For a password to view donor profiles contact our embryo department: Jennifer@angeleggdonation or call 303-444-4529 Option 4 

Please note: Information contained in donor profiles may be self reported. AAG will obtain or already has donor records for your reproductive endocrinologist to review. 

ED1013 - Suzanne & Peter  - Available

Donor Mother: Caucasian, Light Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Donor Father: Caucasian, Dark brown hair, brown eyes

Embryo Locaiton: Farmingdale, NJ

Embryos in Storage: 3

PGS done? Yes

ED1015 - Tasha & Seth - In Cycle

Donor Mother: Caucasian, Dark Brown hair Brown eyes

Donor Father: Caucasian, Light brown hair, Blue eyes

Embryo Locaiton: Hendersonville, TN

Embryos in Storage: 2

PGS done? Unsure

ED1016 - Andrea & Seth - Records pending

Donor Mother: Caucasian, Dark Blonde hair Blue eyes

Donor Father: Caucasian, Dark Brown hair, Hazel eyes

Embryo Locaiton: Franklin, TN

Embryos in Storage: 5

PGS done? No